Robotics club prepares for competition

By Daniel Doan | Staff Writer

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Photo credit: Daniel Doan

Photo: Daniel Doan

The Robotics Club met with 23 other schools in the Corral on Sept. 6 to kick off the Dallas Boosting Engineering, Science and Technology competition culminating in November at Eastfield College.

“The point of the competition is for teams to be able to work as a team to complete the objective and to be able to complete all of the requirements of the game,” faculty member Kevin Starnes said.

For the competition, the teams have to build a robot in six weeks using only approved parts. They also have to keep a journal of their process and show off their robot.

The BEST organization was founded 1993 by Ted Mahler and Steve Marum. They first developed the idea when they watched a video about freshmen students building robots. Their first competition was held later in 1993 and was comprised of 14 teams.

The point of the BEST competition is getting more people involved in engineering, science or technology. Every year the competition in November has more than 875 teams, and each team has at least eight students. Their sponsor is Igus, the equipment provider.

The software needed to build the robots was provided by HSM Works, Solid Works, Intelitek and Robo Matter. Resource providers are Wolfram and Solid Wize.

Leading the Pearce Robotics Club are senior Isaac Pryzant as president, senior Daniel Platt as vice-president, senior Nick Eades as treasurer and junior Adam Goad as secretary. All four have been building robots for at least three years and competing in the BEST competition for at least two years.

While the team hasn’t won at the state competition since 2010, they are all optimistic about the outcome of this year’s competition turning in their favor.

“I’m looking forward to the competition in November and working with my friends,” Isaac said.

Although Nick, Adam and Isaac shared their worry about St. Marks Episcopal School’s robotics team being their biggest adversary, Dan feels that the “Robowranglers” of Greenville High School are their biggest adversary because they are well funded and have access to a multitude of resources.

All agreed that the part of the competition liked the most is the atmosphere, which they described as competitive, yet fun. And all cannot wait to compete later in November. “We are going to win,” Nick said.

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