Pearce production of Urine Town well worth the price of entry

By Daniel Doan | Staff Writer


Photo credit: Baylor Thornton

Seniors Garrett Erickson, Mason King, Noah Heller, and Junior Kenadi Paredes star in the Pearce performance of Urine Town the musical on Thursday, Sept. 18, to Sunday, Sept. 21, at the Black Box theater. This is the first time Urine Town has been performed at Pearce.

In Urine Town, a drought has occurred, and now the company Urine Good Company controls all the water. The hero, Bobby Strong, played by Garret Erickson, leads a rebellion against the UCG company and their CEO, Claudwell, played by Mason King, for control of the water.

Along the way Bobby meets Hope Claudwell, played by Kenadi Paredes, who is Claudwell’s daughter. She gives him hope for tomorrow for a world where people don’t have to pay to pay to urinate.

This play was so highly anticipated that it even sold out at their opening night on Thursday, Sept. 18. The reason for this was obvious: the musical mixes a sense of humor and suspenseful acts perfectly.

Altogether the acting and singing was fantastic, as each actor remembered their individual lines. The actors worked well together and appeared to be having a blast performing for the audience.

While most of the costumes were ordinary, there were a few, such as the security and police costumes, that were really unique as the look and materials stood out.

Most of the actors had on little to no makeup, although some of the actors had “raccoon eyes” makeup on which, surprisingly, actually looked like a raccoon. Bobby’s parents had the best makeup by far. Their make up was intended to make them look older and did an excellent job at that.

The lighting and set was simple, but it helped make the point of the state of society and people. It also enhanced a little the comedy value of the show.

Altogether this was a really good musical, and those who can should go and see it. It runs from 7:30-9:30 on Friday- Sunday with another showing at 2:00 on Sunday. It doesn’t cost too much to get in if you’re a student and is well worth the cost.

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