Little Free Library encourages Pearce community to read more

By Thomas Torres | Staff Writer

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This summer, the J.J. Pearce Homeowners Association put up a Little Free Library on the corner of Senior Way and Mimosa. The Little Free Library program encourages the “take a book, leave a book” principle and seeks to encourage reading by introducing people to new books with no late fees or due dates.

“I haven’t been to the library yet, but it seems like an amazing concept,” junior Noah Mora said.

The Little Free Library program started in 2009, when Todd Bol of Hudson, Wis., built a miniature single-room schoolhouse similar to Pearce’s library. The library, which was built in honor of his late mother who loved to read, was originally placed in his front yard. When he noticed his neighbors taking well to the idea, he decided to build more libraries, each one with a sign that read “Free Books”.

“People of all ages—men, women, kids—came up and just loved the library,” Mr. Bol said. “They got excited, and they started coming up to me, saying, ‘I’ll build one, do you need books?'”

Rick Brooks of Madison, Wis., noticed these libraries and helped spread the word, leading to Little Free Libraries all over the U.S.

Little Free Libraries can be put up by anyone. If there is an idea for a location for a Little Free Library, one must be sure that it is either on private property or they are given permission to build one on public property. These libraries can either be purchased on the Little Free Libraries website or built as a community project.

“While purchasing a library is the easy way out, building one with friends would be more fun and a great activity,” junior Samuel May said.

Anyone looking for a good read should head to Pearce’s own Little Free Library and browse the selection.

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  1. What a great motivator for all of us but especially for book lovers! Great project for any group, organization, or just anyone with the passion for learning. Very well written article.

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