Pre-Med Club clarifies medical career decisions

By Adam Wechsler | Sports Editor

The Pre-Med Club meets on Wednesdays in Mr. Matthew Fields’ room through the fall and spring semesters. This club gives students the opportunity to learn about medicine before pursuing a career in it.

The club meetings can include anything from dissections to visits from guest speakers.

“We get a lot of information about medical school, learn about all kinds of medical fields, and get to do cool dissections,” Pre-Med Club president Morgan Fortieth said. “Also, Mr. Fields is very smart and knows everything about medicine, so we learn a lot.”

Visits from guest speakers help the club members learn from people with personal experience about what working in the medical field is really like.

“If you’re interested in getting into the medical field, this gives you insight in what you’re getting into,” vice president Caroline Jaimes said. “The guest speakers come in and talk to us about their jobs, and what they did to prepare to get where they are now.”

The guest speakers also talk about their experiences, and the club members learn from both their mistakes and correct choices.

“The speakers that come give us a lot of information about medicine, and they were once in the position that we’re in now, as students interested in medicine,” junior Parker Self said.

The club prepares students for classes they can take in high school or college.

“You can learn a lot about things like anatomy, and now that I’m in anatomy class, it helps everything make a lot more sense,” Caroline said.

Club members are trying to make a decision about what their future will look like, and the Pre-Med Club helps clarify the path they should take.

“I want to have a future in the medical field, maybe being a doctor or a pharmacist, and Pre-Med Club really helps with that,” Parker said.

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