UNICEF club founded at Pearce to help children

By Graham Rosen | Copy Editor

image.jpegThe UNICEF club held their first meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 16, in Ms. Alex Gandy’s room. The club hopes to spread awareness about UNICEF as well as raise funds for the organization.

UNICEF stands for United Nations Children’s Fund, and provides aid and relief to distressed children all around the world.

“I started the UNICEF club because I am a firm believer that every child deserves an equal chance,” club president Shian Omar said. “The childhood years are essential to one’s development and if one doesn’t have a good foundation, he or she is automatically at a disadvantage with what they can achieve.”

The club’s mission is to spread awareness and collect money to be donated to UNICEF.

“Our mission is to educate, advocate and fundraise on behalf of UNICEF,” Shian said. “As a club, we will provide students with the link to what people currently go through around the world and advocate change. Pearce is perfect for this because of how giving and caring the community is.”

A minor part of the club’s acitvities will be collecting money to donate to UNICEF.

“The next activity that we have planned is Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF,” Shian said, “an annual fundraising event where students Trick-or-Treat for money instead of candy to help the organization.”

The club has big plans for conducting service projects as well as having guest speakers.

“Later in the year we plan on participating in the TAP project, doing our own service projects, and having various guest speakers come talk to us,” Shian said.

The UNICEF TAP project is where donors and sponsors provide enough money for one day of clean water to a child for every 10 minutes a person goes without their phone.

At the club’s second meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 24, officer elections were held. Junior Sophie Kellner is now vice president, junior Molly McGrath is treasurer, junior Marley Davis is secretary and senior Sam Groves is publicity manager.

“I joined the UNICEF club to make a difference somewhere around the world,” Marley said. “No matter how small of a difference it makes, the club will be helping some children around the world.”

Sophie joined the club so she could fulfill her passion in community service and support the club when it comes back next year.

“I spent my summer interning for a non-profit called The Elisa Project and hope to major in non-profit management, so having this leadership role in this club gives me even more experience,” Sophie said. “I hope to run the club next year for both experience and to raise money for the health and safety of children worldwide.”

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