News changes mandated by Principal Bates

By Branden Swartz | Assignments Editor


Seniors eat outside. Freshmen may eat in the Choral this year, but the area outside of the Choral is reserved for seniors. (Swartz)

Pearce’s new principal, Philip Bates, has introduced a wide variety of changes for the 2014-2015 school year. These changes range from controversial lunch changes to improved and more frequent pep rallies.

The most controversial of the lunch changes is that freshmen are now eating in the Corral, rather than the cafeteria. Despite being viewed negatively by the juniors, this change makes perfect sense from a logistics standpoint. Freshmen are the largest class at Pearce, while seniors are the smallest.

This is a temporary solution to an ever-growing problem at Pearce, and while it may remain controversial, it is easy to see why these changes were made.

Other, more accepted changes have been made. Many more pep rallies are planned for this year, especially when compared to the meager amount that occurred last year.

Other changes have also been made to the pep rallies, including the fact that they will be mandatory. Attendance is not required if a valid excuse is presented, but it is highly recommended.

While many students may not find this to be a favorable change, the idea behind it is simple. Pep rallies bring together Pearce students as a community, and by allowing a large part of said community to avoid these pep rallies, Pearce is significantly weaker as a whole.

To build on the theme of Pearce being a community, The Wranglers will be allowed to perform this year after being censored last year. Principal Bates supports the notion that pep rallies should be fun for the students, and that the Wranglers create a much more enjoyable environment in the school, and in pep rallies in general.

According to Principal Bates, more changes are being developed that will affect current and future students at Pearce. While no information was given on what these changes could be, he said that they would be positive.

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