Students anticipate Homecoming events

By Jacob Berrier | Staff Writer

mum store.jpg

spanish hoco build.jpgThis year’s Homecoming takes place on Oct. 17 and 18, with the football game against McKinney North at Mustang-Eagle Stadium, and the dance in the big gym. The theme this year for Homecoming is “Superheroes and Sweethearts.”

Homecoming week is cut short this year due to the Fair Day falling in the same week. The dress up days are as follows:

Tuesday, Oct. 14, is “Tacky Tourist Tuesday.” Students will wear attire such as Hawaiian shirts, binoculars and cheesy tourist shirts.

Wednesday, Oct. 15, is “Way Back Wednesday” with attire from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s.

Thursday, Oct. 16, is “Sweethearts and Superheroes” day, and students will dress up as comic book heroes, story book characters, etc.

Friday, Oct. 17, is “Spirit Day”. Students will wear and red and blue attire to show their spirit.

Homecoming allows students of all different interests to get plugged in and celebrate school spirit with many different activities.

Whether it is competing with classmates over the best-dressed for the dress-up days or helping their organization in their hall build, there is something for everyone.

The Homecoming football game will take place on the night of Friday, Oct. 17, against North Mesquite.

Many students enjoy going to the game and supporting the team.

“I always love getting rowdy and cheering loud at the game with my friends,” junior Chase Breedlove said.

Everyone looks forward to the game, especially the players who prepare for this match weeks in advance.

“I’m feeling pretty confident that we’ll play really well and come out with a win for our fans and our school,” senior Matt Lane said.

The third pep rally of the year will be on Friday, Oct. 17. Because this pep rally is often praised as one of the best of the year, all organizations will try to perform their best. “We’ve been working really hard in Stampede, and I think everyone will really enjoy the show,” senior Julia Miniguitti said.

The Homecoming dance is the best attended event in all of the outside-of-school Homecoming affairs. It will be held in the big gym on Oct. 18 from 8-12 p.m. Many of the students arrive in groups with their dates to have a good time and to dance to music.

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