Forte performs for Barbara Bush Foundation fundraiser

By Sam Elliott | Staff Writer

i-m3GWjnC-XL.jpgForte performed for the Barbara Bush Foundation’s annual “The Celebration of Reading” fundraiser to promote literacy for all ages on Oct. 6. They performed a variety of songs for the audience at the fundraiser held at the Meyerson Symphony Center.

“It was really an honor to be able to perform for famous people and for the event itself,” sophomore Max Longfield said.

The Barbara Bush Foundation for Family Literacy was started 25 years ago to improve the lives of children through learning. The foundation holds that with a raised literacy rate the nation would solve many of its current problems.

“I knew Barbara Bush was a big advocate of education during her husband’s time in the office,” junior Collin Hitt said. “I think it is great to have such a foundation that helps the less fortunate.”

Along with 2,500 book donations for the “Help Them Read” campaign, the foundation sponsors many family literacy programs to solve the problem of illiteracy of disadvantaged youth all over America. The belief of the programs is that the parents will help provide reinforcement of reading with children.

“It was great to just feel like a part of a bigger movement that will continue to effect people for quite a while,” junior Cameron Weir said.

The audience for “The Celebration of Reading” featured notable people such as George Bush and Chuck Norris. Along with Forte, Richardson High School’s Legacy Choir performed at the event. Forte performed Seize the Day, Happy and Home for the Notable Crowd. Along with the musical performances, many authors were invited to share their work with the guests.

“It is always good to practice singing in front of a crowd because with more experience, performing becomes easier,” Collin said.

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