Students prepare halls for Homecoming festivities

By Ben Rosenthal | Staff Writer

Every year during the weeks leading up to the Homecoming dance, students and parents decorate the halls with unique designs made by the students. The hall decorations get students excited and ready for Homecoming.

“We have been getting ready for the Homecoming build since the second week of school,” English teacher Alex Gandy said. “We have had builds every Wednesday and Thursday from 6-10 p.m.”

Builds occur in the Corral and last until the Homecoming dance.

“About four years ago for an Eagle Scout project someone renovated one of the disgusting bathrooms into a place where we could store our homecoming build materials,” Ms. Gandy said.

Different groups have their own halls that are decorated. The Spanish Club decorates downstairs D hall, AVID decorates downstairs A hall, and seniors traditionally decorate downstairs B hall, which is usually the grandest of them all.

“Some of my friends plan on going to the final build day,” junior Griff Haines said. “Last year they stayed late and did a lot of work.”

Many people, including parents and students, show up to the final build, which is on the Thursday of Homecoming week, but only a few people show up on the other build days.

This year’s Homecoming theme is “Superheroes and Sweethearts.” Hall decorations will be loosely based on this theme.

“As a class officer, I try to show up to all the build days,” senior class officer Molly Bamberger. “I think everyone will like this year’s design.”

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