Work Programs aid students in real life skills

By Pricilla Sanchez | Staff Writer

The work programs are a way for students to work while still going to school during the school year. Students are able to leave early during the day to go to work and receive support for their school work.

The work programs are a great way to learn real world skills such as applying for jobs. Good work ethic is also built through the experience.

“It is for kids who are working and at the same time who are students,” Human Services Work Programs teacher Kallie Pacheco said. “They are able to leave early every day, and they receive a lot of support in their school work as well as their job. It is full of benefits, and more of our students at Pearce should be a part of this great program and fun class.”

The work program also helps improve specific skills and one’s GPA.

“The work program has taught me valuable life skills in marketing sales,” senior Andrew Taylor said. “I would recommend this class to anyone looking for a semester easy class and a GPA boost.”

Having a job initially isn’t necessary, but it is a must-have within the first 10 days of school starting.

“They need to be junior or a senior,” Ms. Pacheco said. “Their sophomore year they need to talk to their counselors about their interest in the work program. Mrs. Koshkin and myself will then find them before school is out to get their information. The two work program teachers will be communicating with their kids over the summer helping them secure a job. It’s better to have a job before school starts so they can learn their job before starting a new school year.”

Counselors will help any interested students by putting them into the Marketing or Human Services program.

“Next semester, when we start talking about next year’s schedules, the sophomores and juniors simply tell their counselors they want to be a part of the work program,” Ms. Pacheco said.

Work programs also has many projects for students to do and offers field trips.

“It’s a great program,” junior Tyjadah Jones said. “It’s really fun. There are many fun projects, and you get to go on field trips.”

The work program allows students to get their homework done early and is a way to make friends while at the same time getting credit.

“You get three credits and get to make friends,” junior Jewelry Gonzalez said. “We do fun assignments all the time, and there’s never a boring assignment.”

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