Changes in tennis program lead to improvement

By Graham Deshazer | Copy Editor


Varsity tennis player Wylie Peremarti (left) serves the ball in a doubles match as his partner, Amar Kesava (right), awaits the return from the Berkner player.

On Oct. 2, the tennis team completed its fall season. The team is striving for improvement for the next season this spring.

“I feel like our teams are capable of performing at a higher level,” tennis coach Sammi Gunter said. “We are rebuilding and will work to reach higher goals.”

There are currently 40 players on the varsity and junior varsity teams together. Both teams started practicing on Aug. 14, before school started.

“I think the fact that we started practicing in the heat of August before school even started shows our dedication to the team,” junior varsity player Jason Kelley said,”although I definitely think we have room for improvement.”

The team has some big changes in store for the spring season.

“We will condition a little harder, play more challenge matches and work on team dynamics. I believe we need to work on being less individualized and more of a team,” Coach Gunter said. “Although sports like tennis and golf are more individualized, there still needs to be a team atmosphere to be successful in high school tennis.”

This year, the varsity team and the junior varsity team have been split into two different class periods, with junior varsity in sixth and varsity in seventh. Both the players and the coach seem to like this new arrangement.

“I think the split has been good for us because it gives us more time to practice with our specific team,” junior varsity tennis player Bryce Cothrun said.

“I feel as if the class split has helped get kids more time on the courts. With so many people in one class, it was hard to get everyone on the court to play at one time. With two class periods, all kids have a spot to play during their entire class period,” Coach Gunter said.

This year has also brought a large number of new players to both the junior varsity and varsity teams.

“With only three seniors on the varsity team tennis line-up, the varsity team is rather young. This year is a rebuilding, growing year,” Coach Gunter said.

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