Room Escape Adventures offers a fun and exciting occasion for Halloween

By Ari Schnitzer | Copy Editor

In the past few years across the country, room escape attractions have been gaining more and more popularity. These events involve a group of people working together to escape a room they’re locked in within a given amount of time.

In Dallas, Room Escape Adventures is the place to go to experience this type of event. Room Escape Adventures has locations scattered all across major cities in the country besides Dallas, including facilities in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

The concept is fairly simple. A group of 11 people are locked in a room with a “zombie” and various hidden clues lying around the room. The group must work together and use their brains as a cohesive unit to figure out how to get out of the room before the clock runs out. The zombie, which is chained to the wall, gets released another foot from the wall every five minutes.

The official Room Escape Adventures website calls their event a good mixture between the TV shows Fear Factor, Minute to Win It, Survivor and The Amazing Race. It also considers the activity to be ideal for cool dates, team building exercises, family gatherings or just a good time with friends.

Junior Samuel May has taken the challenge. “It was pretty cool,” Samuel said. “I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it. Honestly, I was afraid that it was just going to be like some overpriced haunted house type thing. But it turned out to be extremely fun. I had a good time with my friends, and it forced me to think. The zombie was actually somewhat scary. I didn’t get out of the room in time, but I definitely want to go back some time.”

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