School is overenthusiastic in embracing iPads, other new technology

By Branden Swartz | Assignments Editor

iPads, while promoting an atmosphere of technological literacy, are not useful in a school environment. The Pearce Excellence in Education Foundation has requested that various academic departments purchase this technology.

Several Pearce departments possess iPads for both students and teachers. The iPads, while used by teachers fairly often, are seldom used by students. While technology in general is a good thing to have in schools, expensive tablets that have limited functionality in educational settings are not the best fit for the job.

A wide variety of technology is used by students for several purposes. While iPads promote technological literacy, they have limited use. An iPad cannot be used to write comfortably, as opposed to a regular computer, and similar functions that regular computers possess, iPads are also lacking. Equipment such as computers and laptops can fulfill the roles of iPads.

Other cheap laptops would be a much more viable option for schools. They can and do fulfill the same roles that iPads would, while also offering a much larger variety of functions and uses. Several computer companies offer budget laptops, all of which are much more useful in an educational environment than iPads.

Instead of spending a large amount of money on equipment that is limited in functionality, the money could be used to improve current equipment, as well as purchase equipment that has a wider range of functionality. Laptops and computers are an integral part of the education experience, and any technology is better than none.

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