DECA Club builds leadership and skills for future jobs

By Adam Wechsler | Sports Editor


DECA members playing football on the field at AT&T; Stadium during the field trip taken on Nov. 30. Photo credit: Adam Wechsler

DECA is a club offered for students who are enrolled in the work program or Sports Marketing during their respective class periods. The club teaches students about marketing and applying skills in jobs after high school.

DECA lets students apply the marketing, finance, hospitality, and management information they learn in class in competition against other schools. The students can compete under the category that they know best.

“DECA provides opportunities for students to get scholarships, go on trips and have leadership opportunities,” club sponsor Katie Koshkin said. “Throughout the year we take field trips to places like Cowboys Stadium, American Airlines Center, and potentially Texas Motor Speedway and Globe Life Park in the Spring.”

The club provides students many opportunities that will help them for high school, college and future employment. “Colleges are aware of what DECA is, so it is very helpful as a leadership organization that will help for college applications and getting scholarship. It will open doors for students in the future,” Mrs. Koshkin said.

“We do a lot of work for our presentations for competition,” senior Kevin Armbruster said. “We have the district competition soon and we have a lot of work to do in order to perform well.”

The district competition will be on Jan. 24., and the competitors who do well there can move on to the state competition, and after that the national competition at Disney World.

Senior Andrew Taylor is the head officer for DECA this year. “As a second year member, I have the experience to help the club members do well in competition,” Andrew said.

“DECA helps us learn a lot about marketing, and what we learn is used at competition,” Andrew said. “What we learn also helps us learn what we really need to know about working at a job and how to market.”

The club also has many fundraisers to help pay for the field trips that the club takes. “We sell cookies every Friday in room C208 to help raise money,” Kevin said. “This money helps goes to help pay for our field trips so that we don’t have to pay all the money for it.”

DECA only sells cookies on Fridays, but sells things like water bottles and other snacks throughout the week in room C208.

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