Environmental Club revived to make a difference at Pearce

By Carolyn Perlmutter | News Editor


Sophomore Saira Shetty decorates a reusable bag on Oct 22 in room A219. This activity was part of the Environmental Club's Oct. 22 meeting which focused on reducing waste. Photo credit: Carolyn Perlmutter

The Environmental Club holds twice-a-month meetings on Wednesdays in Mr. Khanh Nguyen’s room, A219. The purpose of the club is to raise awareness of environmental issues through fun and meaningful activities.

“Our mission is to advocate for the environment and raise money for different organizations,” Environmental Club co-founder and co-president Sophie Kellner said.

The Environmental Club returned after a year on hiatus.

“I restarted this club because I noticed that at one point it existed, but I didn’t see it anymore and I wondered why,” Sophie said. “The environment is a big issue, especially at Pearce, because we don’t have a good recycling program.”

Money raised through club fundraisers and club dues will be donated to various organizations devoted to helping the environment, such as the World Wildlife Fund.

“People should join Environmental Club because we are attempting to make a difference,” Environmental Club secretary Emilya Zuty said.

Meeting activities are centered around a monthly theme. October’s theme is “Reduce”.

At the club’s first meeting, members decorated reusable bags to promote the reduction of waste from plastic bags. Members were encouraged to use these bags when making trips to any store.

“My favorite part of Environmental Club is the fun service projects and activities that we do,” said Brittany Grubert, Environmental Club co-vice president of communication.

November’s theme is “Reuse”. One of the meetings for the month will be devoted to making origami out of used paper.

In November, the club will also be joining For the Love of the Lake, an organization devoted to the upkeep and improvement of White Rock Lake, to clean up the shoreline of White Rock Lake. This event takes place on Saturday, Nov. 8, from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. at White Rock Lake.

“I’ve always been really involved in helping the environment. It’s something that I have been really passionate about for a long time, and this club is a great opportunity to help the environment even further,” junior Claudia Arguelles said.

Future themes will include recycling, water conservation and animal extinction.

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