AVID students connect through annual Oktoberfest

By Michelle Pinilla | Staff Writer


Photo credit: Michelle Pinilla Pinilla

AVID members held their big fall family event for all their students on the evening of Oct. 22 on the football field. They invited AVID students from Parkhill Junior High and North Junior High to connect with them through various fun activities at Oktoberfest.

The event included a family dinner on the football field, a pie eating contest where a student from each grade level competes, and games like guessing how many candy corns are in a three-pound bag. There was also a contest where they matched teachers and principals to the colleges they graduated from.

“It was fun getting to compete as an AVID senior and just be a part of this awesome event,” senior Jackie Hernandez said.

The famous Sham Battle included throwing tissues filled with flour at the opposing team to get them out while protecting one’s team’s binder from getting to the other side. This year the seniors won the Sham Battle trophy and bragging rights for the rest of the year as the “Shampions”.

“Oktoberfest is one of AVID’S favorite events of the whole year,” AVID teacher Mrs. Lindsey Santarelli said.

This year, 200 students and 10 teachers participated in the event. Past participating students have enjoyed being a part of it.

“It shows seventh and eighth graders how our program can be fun,” senior Gissel Gonzalez said.

This event allows teachers and students the time to meet each other and come together as a family, which is what AVID is all about.

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