GSA gets a new sponsor for the year

By Daniel Doan | Staff Writer

P1020235.jpgSocial studies teacher Tobin Knox recently became the new sponsor for the Gay-Straight Alliance club. He took the job after English teacher Sharby Hunt was unable to continue to be the sponsor.

The GSA is club where people can go to talk about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and trans-gender bullying and discrimination issues. They also plan events to raise awareness of the club as well as social events.

The GSA was founded three years ago in the belief that not enough people are aware of bullying and the club’s founders wanted to open people’s eyes on LGBT issues.

“Having a new sponsor this year makes me hopeful that the cub will expand to more students, which will educate more people on LGBT issues,” senior Sydney Martin said.

Mr. Knox is the sponsor of several clubs, including the Peer Helpers and the Wranglers. The passion the students have is the reason he accepted the position as GSA’s new sponsor.

“The kids are all compassionate, open-minded and brave,” Mr. Knox said.

As the sponsor, Mr. Knox provides a room for them to meet on Mondays in room A214. Additionally he’s their adult adviser and handles any money the club may get from fundraisers or other events.

“Mr. Knox really understands what the club is about and loves to participate in our conversations,” freshman Elizabeth Hampton said.

He enjoys being able to help students succeed, and that is one of the main reasons he accepted the position.

“The leadership of the club begins with Sydney Martin, and she is the driving force behind the GSA,” Mr. Knox said.

Although Mr. Knox hasn’t been the sponsor for the long, the club members believe that he will help the club excel.

“I’m hopeful about him being the new sponsor,” Sydney said.

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