Choir hosts annual Chili Cook-Off and food truck fest

By Daniel Doan | Staff Writer

P1030184.jpgThe choir hosted their third annual Chili Cook-Off and food truck fest on Nov. 2. The “Swag team” won the first place award for best chili.

Along with the chili competition there was entertainment such as the MOB and cheerleaders from Parkhill Jr. High.

There were four judges, including Richardson mayor Laura Maczka.

“I really enjoyed being a judge, and all the chilis were perfect for a chilly November day,” Mayor Maczka said.

While the chili competition had at least 12 teams competing, only three were named. The winners of the competition were the Jaja team in third place, the Ghost team in second place and the Swag team in first place.

The first place team was made up of seniors David Bolner and Malik Jones representing the Swag team. They have been cooking together competitively for three years and have placed first in the chili cook competition every year. So far each year they have made the same brisket chili.

“We make this type of chili to be different from everyone else, and we knew that no one else would make it,” Malik said.

David kept the recipe for their chili vague, while Malik said it was classified. They said that it was a family recipe and that since it won them the last two competitions, they decided to use it again this year. “We keep coming back because they like our chili,” David said.

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