Seniors win in third set of student versus staff volleyball game

By Jack Ferris | Staff Writer


The student faculty volleyball game was held on Friday, Oct. 31, during fifth period. The seniors won the deciding third set 25-23.

The student/faculty volleyball game is a tradition at Pearce. During the week before the game, seniors and teachers tease each other about who the victor will be.

This year, the teachers won the first set 15-7 and the second set 25-18. During the third set, which the seniors won, a ball got stuck on the ceiling.

“During the third set, I could tell we had it won,” senior Freddie Nosek said.

The seniors won the third set 25-23. Even though they tied in sets, the crowd overwhelmingly decided that the seniors won.

“It felt awesome to win,” senior Sam Giese said. “It was a great experience to be a part of something like this.”

As usual, the volleyball team coached the seniors. With their volleyball knowledge, they led the seniors to victory.

“We won because of hustle, seniority, and hard work,” senior Chanel Cooper said. “The volleyball team helped the seniors on their form and the formations they had to be in.”

To be chosen for the volleyball team, seniors had to sign up outside senior class sponsor Ms. Alex Gandy’s room the week before the game, and teachers volunteered to play.

“I like how so many students wanted to play, and it was good how the volleyball coaches gave everyone time on the court,” Ms. Gandy said.

To get into the game each person had to pay $2. The money goes toward the senior class and funding the senior Prom.

“The teachers who play are doing it for fun, and they also want to provide something positive for the students,” Ms. Gandy said. “It’s a tradition that everyone looks forward to.”

The game raised about $2,600 for the senior class.

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