Nine students named to All Region Orchestra

By Sam Elliott | Staff Writer


Nine orchestra students made the All Region Orchestra on Oct. 20. Acceptance into the the All Region orchestra was based on results from the last round in the Region audition process. Photo credit: Sam Elliott

Nine Pearce orchestra students made the All Region Orchestra on Oct. 20. The students achieved this through a lengthy and demanding audition process.

“It was a really good year for the regional results, because nine students made it compared to the usual five or so students who make it,” junior Matthew Myers said.

The students who made it into the region orchestra practiced almost every day and with the addition of private lessons in order to make the regional orchestra.

“I prepared for regions by going over the music with my private lesson teacher, which was very important,” freshman Hongyi Zhang said. “Then I practiced while paying special attention to the details. It was very important to practice every day and not rush practicing near the tryout date.”

Violinists Darren Carter, Dingjing Zhou, Yu-heng Lai, Lilly Bristol, Hongyi Zhang, Sung Jung and Alice Chen were those who made it through the audition process to become a part of the regional orchestra. Bassist Matthew Myers and viola player Stephanie Bullard achieved the regional orchestra recognition. Six of the students who advanced are freshmen.

“Being that most of the people who made were freshmen, it bodes well for future years of competition as everyone practices more and gets better,” Matthew said.

As nine relatively young students made All Region, it gives inspiration to those in orchestra for future years and future competitions.

“I am excited for the future because the results of the region, specifically the number of people, that made it were very promising,” Hongyi said.

“I think the number of people that make it will just grow because of our relative youngness and the added practice,” sophomore Stephanie Bullard said.

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