Community holds fundraiser for Brentfield custodian battling cancer


Everyone releases their balloons in front of Medical City Hospital to support Jeffery. Photo credit: Matthew Singer


A fundraiser was held on Nov. 11 at Anderson Bonner Park for Brentfield custodian Jeffery Ballard, known by students as “Superman”, who was diagnosed with lung cancer. Participants bought T-shirts and balloons to help raise money for Mr. Ballard’s treatment.

All participants walked a few blocks from the fundraiser location to the park across from the hospital. Nearly every person had several balloons to show support, and once at the park, everyone released their balloons together and chanted, “Jeffery, Jeffery, Jeffery.”

“It was a truly beautiful sight,” Richardson High School student Talia Miller said. “By the time the balloons were high up in the sky, tears were streaming down my face. I loved spending time with Jeffery when I went to Brentfield, and supporting him was something I had to do.”

Many former Brentfield students were in attendance as well as current students, parents, family and friends. The atmosphere was alive and vibrant, and everyone was prepared to help the loving custodian everyone adores.

Former Brentfield students Ian Miller, Giles Ufer, Adam Wechsler and others all had individual roles to help the fundraiser run efficiently. Whether it was handing out balloons, registering participants or handing out shirts, each student played an important role.

“The line stretched out so far at one point that I couldn’t see the end of it,” Ian said. “I was so excited to see how many people came out, and helping with handing out balloons helped make the line go quicker, which was desperately needed. It was fun to be a part of something so amazing.”

“The amount of people there amazed me, especially with the short time we had to publicize the event,” sophomore Griffin Rubin said. “Everyone wanted to help, and everyone did.”

Jeffery’s sister said that Jeffery said thank you to everyone, and that he is truly humbled.

“Superman is three weeks into treatment and he is working hard to stay strong and keep his spirits up,” according to the Facebook page “Support Superman,” that was created to show support for Jeffery.

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