Grant Lair keeps his focus on basketball

By Jack Ferris | Staff Writer


By Jack Ferris

Staff Writer

Junior Grant Lair has played varsity basketball since his sophomore year. He is considered by his teammates to be one of the best on the team.

Grant started basketball at a young age.“I started playing when I was five,” Grant said. “My freshman year it became my only sport.”

Grant played football and basketball his freshman year. But as he transitioned into high school, he also transitioned into only playing basketball.“It became my focus, whereas others played many different sports,” Grant said. “I thought basketball was my best sport, and I wanted to be the best I could be.”

The basketball team practices almost every day so they can get better and grow together as a team. “When we have practice we go over offensive plays, defensive drills, and lift weights,” Grant said. Grant’s teammates consider him one of the best on the team and appreciate his hard work.

“Grant, as well as the rest of the team, work hard during practice so that we can do well in the games,” senior Brennan Baxter said.

On Dec. 4, the varsity basketball team won in triple overtime.

“Whenever we need to rely on someone to make a clutch shot or play, we always choose Grant,” junior Daniel Lee said.Asked if Grant was one of the best teammates, Brennan replied, “Yes, because he’s Grant.”

His teammates not only see Grant as a great basketball player but a good teammate. “Not only is he our leading scorer, but he also knows how to lead the team even as a junior,” junior Daniel Lee said.

Team manager Matthew Nevarez admires the effort that Grant puts into practicing on a daily basis.

“Grant is the first one there and the first one to leave,” Matthew said. “He’s always striving to become better than all the other players in the district.”

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