Cross country runners finish with personal bests at Lynn Creek Park meet

By Sam Elliot | Staff Writer


Cross country runners Stefani Kessler (171) and Lindsay Harmon (169) competing in the regional meet at Lynn Creek Park on Nov. 1. Photo credit: Sam Elliott

Most of the girls on the cross country team who received second place in District ran individual personal records at the regional meet on Nov. 1 at Lynn Creek Park. However, the team did not advance past regionals.

“With all of the more competitive runners we had run against at the regional level and the support of our team throughout the race, we had a great result despite not making it past regionals,” sophomore Kenzie Klinkhamer said.

Sophomore Lindsay Harmon, who came in first, ran about two minutes better than her first race this season, coming in to the finish line in 21:31 for her personal record. The rest of the team followed suit with six runners running their best ever. The other girls were Stefani Kessler, Maddie Cooley, Kenzie Klinkhamer, Keeley Zartler, Cate Solony and Glory Varela.

“We ran more miles than we did last year, and we were much more unified as a team, which I think helped get the results we did at regionals,” sophomore Lindsay Harmon said.

The team went on a trip to San Antonio to compete at a cross country meet as well as bond as a team. Over the season, the team has faced much adversity due to health problems of Coach Gregg Larimer and other obstacles.

Because of the absence of both coaches due to health problems, the team was without a coach at one meet. The team captains stepped up to help direct the bus driver to the meet as well as keep all the runners in line.

“Not having our head coach really put us through adversity throughout the season, but Coach Inch stepped up to the plate to help out. Not having a coach at one of the meets was hard, but I think in the end it was just another challenge we had to overcome that helped strengthen the team,” junior Cameron Weir said.

“I think all of these situations or trials we went through as a team helped the girls run the way they did. Without those events and the San Antonio trip, I don’t know if the girls would have made it to region,” sophomore Connor Calhoun said.

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