Forte performs ‘Time Travels’ show in auditorium

By Ben Rosenthal | Staff Writer

P1030931.jpgForte performed a show called Time Travels on Dec. 5 and 6 in the auditorium. It was well attended and featured singing and dancing. The show allowed for Forte to gain more experience in performing in front of audiences and to raise money.

In the show, Forte performed a wide range of songs from different eras. Most of the music was written as late as the 20th century, and the latest songs were written this year. This is where the name of the show, “Time Travels,” came from. Songs also varied among solos, group songs and group songs accompanied by drums.

Cole Dillow accompanied Sami Laner and Zoe Moore on guitar for the song Leavin’ On A Jet Plane by John Denver. Leavin’ On A Jet Plane was written in the late ’60s and was one of the most recent songs that was performed.

The show grouped together all Forte seniors toward the end to perform Seasons Of Love from the musical, Rent. Having all the Forte seniors perform together at the end provided a strong ending to a fantastic show.

“Personally I did not receive any negative feedback regarding the concert,” junior Jaron Williams said. “We had fun performing, and we are really pleased with the final product of our show.”

Jaron performed a solo called Beautiful City from the musical, Godspell. “I was the first performer after our introduction song. After the introduction song, I had to run to the back and change quickly for my solo,” Jaron said.

Forte began practicing and learning their songs in August. Once the songs were perfected, they had to learn the choreography. Rehearsal began to intensify the week prior to the concert. Rehearsals lasted for about five hours every day after school.

“I didn’t get home until about 11 p.m. every day the past week,” sophomore Cole Dillow said. “I would hardly have any time to do my homework or have any free time.”

“I already knew how talented at singing the Forte students are, but I was surprised at how well they could dance and sing at the same time,” teacher Jarred Stewart said.

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