Policy enforced for cell phone usage in classrooms

By Daniel Doan | Staff Writer


Students who have their phones collected during the school day have to pay $15 if they want to get them back. It costs $15 because the system is meant to stop people from using their phones in class.

This system has been school policy for at least three years, but it has been relaxed recently.

“I think that the self-phone policy has been relaxed, and I also think it has allowed teachers and students to concentrate on their day’s instructions and that teachers now spend less time policing their students,” sophomore principal Rodney Beasley said.

Students are currently allowed to use their phones in the hall and before class starts, and teachers now use their own discretion. That means that teachers choose which phones they pick up and when students can have phones in their class.

The system of collecting phones and charging $15 to get them back has drastically decreased the number of collected phones over the years. Now two or three phones are collected each week.

“It felt really bad because I had to pay for it, and it was $15 that I had to give out of my own pocket,” sophomore Cesar Gonzalez said.

The financial department handles all the money that is collected from the confiscated phones. The phone money collected goes into the district fund.

“The district determines where the collected phone money goes and how its used,” financial secretary Mrs. Kathy Quish said.

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