Homework Over Short Breaks

Short breaks, such as Winter Break, should be a time of relaxation and letting lose from the stress of school. However, these such activities are hard to carry out when students are expected to do homework on these so called “breaks”. Even though some might argue that having homework over breaks can be beneficial to retaining information, the downsides of it outweigh the pros.

Breaks are a time when most parents like to take their children on trips where they can spend time bonding and having fun with them. Homework on breaks can cause obstacles that could lead to being unable to attend these trips due to the tasks they have to complete for school. Incidents like this are not uncommon among high school students and their families. Projects are just too massive to assign to students over a break.

In addition to interrupting time with family, homework also causes lingering stress over time off from school. Breaks should be a time that kids should have all the time to do things they want to without having to stress about having to finish a project or homework. A break should be a time totally separated from school and assignments.

Lastly, many students try to balance fun and homework over breaks and find themselves not doing their best. Teachers would like to say that homework over the break serves as a review, but when everyone crams doing it, it just sets them further behind if the teacher doesn’t allow time for review when school starts up again.

With all things considered, it is easy to see that giving homework over breaks is unreasonable as well as not beneficial to students. Students’ so called “breaks” should be taken more seriously and looked at as a resting period from school and all of the stress that comes with it.

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