Wrestling through adversity

The wrestling team is one of the most devoted if not the most devoted team on campus. They condition themselves like crazy to get the win. But why haven’t they won more than any other team in the district? They put in a lot of work but they have gone through coaching changes that change their style of wrestling and their ability to win.

Freshman varsity wrestler Aaron Goldman said what kept him in wrestling is that all the people in wrestling are really cool. It is Aaron’s second year wrestling, and he hopes to eventually wrestle in college. “The best part of wrestling is when you win and get your hand raised. It is the best feeling in the world,” Aaron said.

Aaron, like other wrestlers, has a passion for winning, thinks of the wrestling team as family and hates cutting weight.

Senior varsity captain Liam Byers said he joined wrestling because his dad wrestled in high school, so he always wanted to follow in his footsteps. Liam says he stayed in wrestling for four years due to what he called his “stupidity and his sanity, but most importantly the feeling of winning after days of pushing it to the limit in the wrestling room.” Liam’s most memorable moment in his Pearce wrestling career is placing third at the Mustang Showdown.

Liam has had multiple coaches since he moved to Pearce in the 10th grade. Liam is the team’s leader during practice, and he is one of the best wrestling and academic role models to the young wrestlers. “People wrestle because they love wrestling and because the wrestling team is such a close family,” Liam said.

Junior varsity wrestler Oscar Chamu says he loves the sport, and after wrestling for five years he hates losing and loves the challenge of cutting weight. Oscar believes others should join the wrestling team to get mentally and physically tough.

Oscar’s teammates believe he is one of the most dedicated wrestlers and improves tremendously from year to year.

Senior varsity wrestler Wesley Pressnall said he joined wrestling because he wasn’t good at football. Wesley loves winning, but he says he wins when the team wins.

Wesley and many other wrestlers believe it is one of the greatest feelings when the rest of their teammates do well. Many of the seniors and older Pearce wrestlers have gone through many coaches, but they keep on wrestling to be a part of a great team.

They wrestle for themselves, whether for getting the win or getting stronger. They wrestle for the love of the sport. But one of the most important reasons they wrestle is to be a part of one of the closest sports groups at Pearce and to be a part of a group of people that helps make each other stronger every day.

No matter who is coaching, these wrestlers keep fighting and push themselves to cut a little more weight, get a little bit stronger, and become a better team.

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