Juniors prepare early for college

By Ari Schnitzer | Copy Editor


Photo credit: Ari Schnitzer

Juniors have been preparing early for college this semester. Many juniors aim to get a head start on their college process by beginning to think about it now.

There are many ways juniors can prepare for college, even in their third year of high school. Some juniors take SAT/ACT prep courses, attend college fairs and even begin to schedule college visits.

“This past spring I took a SAT/ACT prep class,” junior Daniel Czornyj said. “And this fall I went to a college fair at UTD.”

Pearce offers a college reading class offered and taught by Cynthia Gatlin. The class is another way juniors are getting ready for attending a university.

“My goals are to present students with various study strategies so they can figure something out that works best for them,” Ms. Gatlin said. “I want them to see what college life is like so there aren’t many surprises when they walk on campus.”

Ms. Gatlin also confirmed that the class is made up of primarily juniors.

“We’ve been doing SAT prep,” Ms. Gatlin said. “We’ve worked through every section of the SAT packet except the essay. We are doing timed SAT lessons every Friday. We also do scholarship searches every six weeks, and in the spring they will actually be applying for the scholarships.”

Other ways juniors can prepare is by taking challenging AP courses or becoming involved in extra-curricular activities.

“I’ve done multiple things to help me prepare for college,” junior Jack Flynn said. “The most important one has been AcDec, or the Academic Decathlon. It’s given me college-level work and tested my college readiness.”

Juniors who are prepping for college early have preliminary goals for what they would like to accomplish by focusing on their lives after high school.

“This year I’d like to visit some schools, and I’d also like to hone in on what I’d like to study in college,” Daniel said. “I would like to narrow down my school choices by the end of this year so I can focus on my major.”

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