Intense week before start of musical proves worthwhile

By Shian Omar | Features Editor


Student AD Ilona Calatayud reads the show's script and reviews notes during the Parent Preview on Jan. 28. Photo credit: Shian Omar

Students involved in the production of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying stayed for hours after school every day of the week before the start of the play. This intense week, referred to as tech week, is the most important week for the production of the main show Pearce produces each year.

“Tech week is the week leading up to the show where all the pieces sort of come together,” senior crew member Greg Abel said. “The actors, the crew and the pit all come together and rehearse the whole show.”

There are many people working hard backstage to ensure that there are no interruptions to the play.

“I take notes on all of the set changing cues and help make sure that everything goes out when it is suppose to,” student assistant director Ilona Calatayud said.

Due to the remodeling of the auditorium last semester, the lighting on stage is different for this year’s show compared to previous years.

“Usually when the sets have to move, the lights will go off and things get moved in the dark,” Greg said. “This year, a lot of the changes are done while the stage is lit, so all of the stagehands have to wear suits so we fit in.”

Because the show is a musical, the musicians in the pit below the stage play a critical role in its production. Members of the Pearce band and orchestra volunteer to be a part of the show.

“During tech week it’s almost as though nothing else is important because all of your energy is invested in the musical,” pit musician Megan Smith said. “Even though it seemed like we lived in the auditorium for that week and it got stressful, every minute of it was super fun and exciting.”

Tech week begins on the Thursday of the week before the show opens and runs through Wednesday night.

“They run the show like it’s the real thing,” head director Heather Biddle said. “We are all tired, but we have to make it through since we know it’s for the better of the show.”

Although the evenings are long and the students are worn out at the end of it, the hard work pays off once the official play is performed successfully.

“It was my first year being involved in any theater production at Pearce, and it was extremely cool to see the theater, tech and pit players all come together and pull off something as big as How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying,” Megan said.

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