Yoga club meets to relax and wind down

By Sam Elliott | Staff Writer


The Yoga Club is a new club that was started by sophomores Hannah Judd, Samantha Cruz, and Sofie Reid this year. It is a casual group that meets to enjoy the relaxing power of yoga.

“Sam and I did yoga at the same place and and really enjoyed it,” Sofie said. “We thought more students would enjoy it, and so we decided to form the club.”

The group meets weekly on Wednesdays after school in the choir room for 30 to 45 minutes. Members bring their own mats and other yoga equipment, but there is extra equipment for others to borrow.

“So far we have had about 15 people show up to the club meetings and have had three meetings,” Samantha said. “The first two meetings were really to organize the club and brainstorm ways to get the word out.”

The group has been using the app Remind 101 as well as the school announcements to get the word out to students.

“With the club, I really wanted to address some misconceptions people had about yoga like ‘only girls do yoga’ and ‘yoga is just stretching,'” Sofie said.

The club is planning to host a variety of yoga activities as new club members are introduced to yoga and they learn more about it than they already do.

“Yoga to me is really energizing, not just in a physical sense, but also a state of mind that it gives you,” Samantha said.

The group looks forward to growth as more people join and try yoga for the first time as well as experience the relaxation and stress relief they have felt.

“It’s really just a way to relieve stress and take your mind off all the things in your life,” Hannah said.

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