Varsity soccer team begins season strong

By Jack Ferris | Staff Writer

Soccer Varsity pic.jpg

The varsity soccer team has done well this season with a record of 4-1. The team hopes for a chance at the state title.

The team is ranked seventh in region three and had won four games as of Feb. 13. They also beat Lake Highlands 1-0 on Tuesday, Feb. 10.

“We have the best midfield and forward in the district,” junior Chris Vilalobos said. “We also have great chemistry on the team.”

The team looks forward to making it to the state championship coming up in March and into April.

“The team is doing amazing this year,” senior Jesus Raymundo said. “Our only determination this year is to win district and hopefully go to state.”

In addition to playing for Pearce, players participate in club teams to help them to stay conditioned.

“We have a lot of depth on our team,” Chris said. “A lot of players also play club to get more experience.”

During the preseason, the team had two tournaments in which they did well.

“We won both tournaments this season and only lost one game in district,” said Jesus.

Players such as Juan D. Garcia think that the team has a good shot at the state championship.

“The team is doing great this season,” Juan said. “We practice really hard, and if we work together, we have a good chance at making it to district and then to state.”

Not only does the team have good chemistry, but some of them have been playing together for a few years now.

“You get used to how others play around you, which gives you a better understanding of how to adapt to each situation,” said Chris.

Their remaining home games are against Berkner, Highland Park, Lake Highlands and Mesquite North.

“We have a good opportunity to go almost undefeated throughout the remainder of the season,” Chris said.

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