Classes adopt animals for Student Council project

By Graham DeShazer | Copy Editor

1770e273-27f2-4013-87b1-2f2d2b482c03.jpgPearce fourth period classes participated in the Student Council’s second-semester project in February, which benefitted the nonprofit group Heifer International. Students contributed money to purchase livestock for families around the world in need.

The Student Council has hosted canned food drives for their second semester previously, but they decided to go in a different direction this year after having a successful run with the organization a few years back.

“We had done this project one time a few years ago and it went very well,” Student Council sponsor Rebecca Keeton said. “We collected enough for four ‘arks’ of animals, which was a big success.”

Each fourth period class was prompted to collect enough money for an animal or animals, which include bees, goats, water buffaloes and heifers. Even the office staff participated.

“This is a really fun project where everybody collects and really sees their money go toward something useful,” Student Council secretary Darryl Tibbets said.

The Student Council really emphasized how this project went toward something global and didn’t just deal with a local issue.

“We chose this project because it was so unique and affects so many people,” Student Council vice president Anya Bezprozvanny said. “The Bukhair project was great, but this organization has a global impact.”

Part of the reason the Sudent Council chose Heifer International was because of its lasting impact for those who it helps. Their goal is to fight world hunger and poverty.

“It’s really the gift that keeps on giving,” Ms. Keeton said. “The animals that go to the families in need will help feed and support them for a long time.”

The most common animals chosen by fourth-period classes were mid-tier livestock such as goats and llamas. However, several classes chose to raise enough money for multiple animals.

“Our main goals are to try to beat the amount of money we raised last time and get every class to participate,” Student Council treasurer Julia Rivers said.

Some classes were generous enough to give hundreds of dollars to the project, and the idea behind the organization really resonated with some students.

“Its really cool to think that our money will be going to a family in need somewhere across the world,” junior Tim Xia said. “I really like that it goes towards buying an animal that can help the family prosper for years to come.”

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