Freshman makes All-State Orchestra


By Ben Rosenthal | Staff Writer

Freshman Darren Carter attended the Texas Music Educators Association all-state orchestra in November and is the first Pearce student to do so in two years. He plays the violin and made 33rd chair in the Symphony Orchestra.

The TMEA convention hosts representatives from music programs from around the country.

All-state orchestra, band and choir concerts occur in San Antonio. The orchestras practice for their conference for an entire weekend. The building where the string orchestra’s practice is located only a couple of blocks from the Alamo.

“Darren is really talented, and he is really fun to play with,” junior Matthew Myers said. “He is really funny and always has a good attitude.”

Darren is currently in the chamber orchestra. Darren has been playing violin for nine years and was in his junior high orchestra. He also participated in the pit orchestra.

“He is very nice, and I believe he will have a great time time playing with others that are as talented as him,” senior Nicole Picquet said.

Etudes, or short musical compositions, were released for students to play in their auditions on May 1, 2014. The excerpts included small portions of Don Juan, and every orchestral instrument had a different excerpt from Don Juan.

“I practiced for about two hours every day up to the tryouts,” Darren said. “I feel that my work has been paid off for in my chair placement.”

In order for students to try out for all-state, they must first make it into the all-region orchestra. Students try out for the region orchestra at the same time as the all-state orchestras.

Texas Music Educators Association hosts 11 state orchestra, band and choir concerts. The orchestras range from all string instruments to full symphony orchestras.

Darren, orchestra conductors, and band conductors traveled to San Antonio in February for the TMEA convention. All other members of the all-state orchestra and Texas music directors from around the state also attended the convention.

For the concert, parents and directors were allowed to attend only a couple all-state performances for free, which were held in the Lila Cockrell Theatre. People who wished to attend the concerts had to line up a hour before each concert started.

“I am very thankful for everything that happened and am very pleased with everything,” Darren said. “I was very excited to be traveling to San Antonio, and can’t wait to perform with other top musicians from the state.”

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