Metal detectors should be mandatory for all schools

By Carly Harsha | Opinion Editor


Since the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary, there have been over 100 school shootings in America. There have been minimal, if any, efforts to control these numbers since then.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, for the 2011-2012 school year, 2.7 percent of public schools required their students to walk through metal detectors on a daily basis, and five percent of public schools performed random metal detector checks on the student body.

Meanwhile, 49.1 percent of public schools enforce a strict dress code. Something is wrong when nearly half of public schools are more concerned with the length of their students’ shorts than the safety of the student body.

Of course, placing metal detectors in schools will not completely stop all crime in the buildings. But it will scare off anyone who finds confidence in the fact that it is an easy feat to bring a weapon into schools.

There are always going to be negative sides to any project that involves funding from taxpayers. Of course this would be a costly task, but the lives of the next generation are worth it.

This will cause traffic when students are entering the buildings, obviously. But, once again, this is not a good enough reason to risk the lives of millions of students every day.

Millions of dollars a year are spent in effort to arrest the kids in schools who have drugs on their person, in their bags, in their lockers and even in their cars.

The main focus of schools should always be education. When students are legitimately scared to be in their classrooms because of fear of being attacked and helpless, the focus has obviously shifted.

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