Talent Show acts impress audience

By Shian Omar | Features Editor

3017e439-504e-4860-87e2-502b3c3432fa.jpegPearce students performed in the annual Talent Show starring The Mustangs on Saturday, Feb. 21, in the auditorium. Talented students from all grade levels performed various acts throughout the night.

The theme this year was chosen by English teacher Alex Gandy and was based on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and proved to be a huge success with the audience.

“Ms. Gandy loves Jimmy Fallon, and we all love Jimmy Fallon’s traditional acts such as ‘Thank you notes,’ ‘Lip Sync Battle’ and ‘Questions and Dancers’ from his show,’” senior class president Madalyn Katz said. “The theme was perfect.”

Although many acts have had previous experience in performance, this was a first for some students like senior Greg Abel, who played the piano and sang an original song.

“I figured, what the hell, it’s my last year,” Greg said. “I wanted to show people what I can do.”

The preparation process for the talent show was lengthy but certainly worthwhile.

“We began planning the show during class after we were done with the homecoming hallway,” Madalyn said. “The week prior to the show, we had rehearsals, and we all got a taste of what the theater tech week is like.”

Not only did the senior class officers have to prepare by organizing the show, but the acts had to prepare by practicing until they knew they were ready.

“I practiced and rehearsed quite a bit,” senior Chanel Cooper said. “Whenever the opportunity would present itself and I had some free time in my day, I would plug my heart into the song and sing away.”

Cheers from the audience were resonating in the auditorium when principal Philip Bates and teachers Sharby Hunt-Hart and Tobin Knox went on stage to participate in a lip sync battle. A couple of the senior class officers joined them on stage.

“I felt very confident in Shaye and my dance moves as we have performed on the stage before,” Madalyn said. “These are moments that we will reminisce on next year and years to come.”

Principal John Wing and teachers Jarred Stewart and Sarah Thompson, in addition to one student chosen from each grade level, served as the judges.

“We had judges from each grade that we found trustworthy,” Madalyn said. “We made sure they represented the many groups of the school.”

The hosts, Mason King, Noah Heller and Cole Wright, provided most of the humor of the night.

“The hosts were hilarious,” senior Jordan Eades said. “The acts were all so talented, and it was great to be with my friends.”

In addition to the singing and dancing of the night, there also were guitar and drum covers.

“The guitar and drum covers were great,” Jordan said. “I loved that they incorporated nontraditional songs by people like Taylor Swift and Adele.”

The winners of the night were freshman Maya Carr in third place, senior Sydney Kane in second place and senior Chanel Cooper in first place.

“Truthfully, I was surprised,” Chanel said. “There is an immense amount of talent in our school, making the competition incredibly thick. Overall, it was a very humbling and rewarding experience, and one that I was glad to have shared with so many other passionate people.”

Different this year from previous years has been the removal of a second night for the talent show. The primary reason for this was the chance that a basketball game would be played on one of the nights. Nonetheless, there was still enough time to get all of the acts in for one night.

“I have much respect for anyone who can go on the stage and share with an audience a piece of who they are through their talent,” Jordan said.

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