Track team raises money for Texas Relays

By Sam Elliott | Staff Writer


The Track team had a garage sale to sell old items and raise money on March 7. The team raised money for students to attend the Texas Relays.

“This was the first year we had this fundraising event in track,” sophomore Simon Parsons said. “We had the event for cross country, and it was very successful, so we decided to do something similar in track.”

Many people brought old clothes, furniture and games. Members of the community looking for good deals or just wanting to support the team bought items.

“At the garage sale, we bought a couch for the locker room, which I think will be very relaxing for the team,” sophomore Sean Mulvihill said.

This year, the track team accomplished their goal of raising $6,000. The money will help pay for their trip to Texas Relays as well as new uniforms.

“It’s really great that we met our goals because some of the seniors that would not be able to go to Texas Relays were able to,” senior Eston White said.

Normally only sprinters attend the meet. Because of the money raised, distance members were able to go, too. The members who did not qualify for the event were mostly seniors who had never been to the meet.

“I am really excited because I always wanted to go to Texas Relays since I was a freshman, and despite the fact that I did not qualify, I am still able to go,” Eston said.

The money raised will also contribute to the purchase of new uniforms and equipment. The track team buys new equipment every few years after the current uniforms become more worn and some uniforms are lost.

“We really lack a good number of uniforms, which means some students wear uniforms that are five years old and the warmups lack a zipper,” junior Jack Hamilton said.

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