Varsity and junior varsity baseball teams participate in 100-inning marathon

By Ben Rosenthal | Staff Writer

_MG_0007.jpgThe Pearce baseball varsity and junior varsity teams played a marathon game on Feb. 7 that lasted 100 innings. The game was held to raise support for the baseball team and to prepare the athletes for the beginning of the season.

The marathon game was an inner squad scrimmage between the varsity and junior varsity teams. The teams were divided in half so that only half of the baseball players were playing at a time. The teams were divided for the duration of the game.

Teams played each other for one hour at a time, and after the hour the teams rotated.

“We played for a very long time, and there is no way we could have played for 100 continuous innings,” varsity junior Miles Lewis said. “There was a good amount of people who showed up who were interested in the marathon.”

This is the first marathon game that the Pearce’s baseball team has hosted this year. The purpose of the game was to get ready for the season as the first scrimmage games against other schools begin.

The marathon served as a warm-up for the athletes. The team used machine-pitched baseballs, which sped up the game and allowed the athletes to practice batting.

“There were more home runs than we could count, and eventually we stopped keeping track,” varsity senior Mycah Stennett said.

Many parents volunteered to help supply the barbecue for everyone during the game. The volunteers made the first marathon a success as more than 100 people showed up to the event.

“There was a great turnout, and I am very pleased with all the work the volunteers did to make the day successful,” parent volunteer Ted Lewis said.

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