New issues appear as concerts become more like festivals

By Matt Singer | Entertainment Editor


For many people, concerts are a place to let loose and enjoy themselves, but, unfortunately, we continue to see many exercise poor judgement when it comes to alcohol and drugs at certain concerts, especially among youth.

Concerts can be something of a mixed bag. You hear beautiful music, but you can also see people passed out for whatever reason. Concerts can be an enlightening and a scary experience at the same time.

Thousands of parents voice their concern for their children going to certain concerts because of the constant attention drugs and alcohol cause.

“Substances that are becoming increasingly prevalent at certain concerts are incredibly dangerous,” Howard County Executive Ken Ulman said in a interview with the Baltimore Sun, “and as a parent I am concerned that our children may be taking unnecessary risks.”

Although concerts were created for people tto enjoy music with friends and family, the concern for music lovers’ health has never been greater.

Concerts aren’t just for music anymore. More and more concerts are becoming festivals; all day extraveganzas that encompass incredible sights and activities. The music usually comes at night as the drug and alcohol users come into play. Day and night is a whole different cycle.

Dehydration and hunger are of constant concern as festivals are becoming more popular. In fact, on June 19, an all-day music festival called JMBLYA is coming to Dallas for its second year in a row.

This year, the festival starts at noon and ends at midnight. Many people who will go to this will most likely come unprepared.

As the concerns for people’s health increases, the businesses and people who create and plan the concerts are attempting to solve these issues. Many concerts sell or give free water, sell snacks, have a resting area and a cool-down area, and some even have clinics for people who look like they could use some rest or assistance.

It’ll be interesting to see how these huge concerts will deal with the issues that people continue to bring up.

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