RYL program promotes leadership, community service

By Jack Ferris | Staff Writer

Richardson Youth Leadership is a program for juniors who exhibit prominent leadership skills and abilities. Students from all RISD high schools can apply during their sophomore year.

The RYL program focuses on helping students build leadership skills along with building relationships between colleagues.

“I learned about the importance of trust and teamwork in approaching intimidating obstacles,” Richardson High School student Morgan Chen said.

RYL also allows students to meet and interact with students at different schools around the RISD school district.

“I also enjoyed meeting other students from the Richardson district and making new friends,” Morgan said.

In RYL, students also learn about the Richardson community. They tour the city and go to several Richardson establishments.

“I learned a lot more about the city of Richardson and the way it is run than I ever imagined,” junior Sarah Poindexter said. “I learned more about the professions of people around my community.”

The program allows students to go to meetings once a month during school time.

“My favorite meeting was the one where we went to Santa’s village to volunteer by putting on costumes and greeting the children that came,” junior MacKenzie Alford said.

At meetings, students go to various places in Richardson such as the police station and city hall.

“The meeting I liked the most was when we went to the police station,” junior Grant Lair said. “It was interesting to see how the fire station worked with the police and paramedics to help others.”

Graduates of the program highly recommend being a part of the RYL organization.

“RYL is an amazing experience that educated me about my city while helping me grow as a leader,” junior Allie Cyr said.

Students in the program say that RYL has helped them cultivate their leadership skills and become more informed about current issues.

“Richardson Youth Leadership truly allowed me to exercise my skills and further develop my traits as a leader,” junior Peyton Harris said.

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