Juniors take second and third place in UIL Current Events competition


By Graham Rosen | Yearbook Liaison

The UIL Current Events team participated in their district competition on Saturday, March 28, at Highland Park High School. The team members took a multiple choice test and wrote an essay on a current event topic.

Junior Graham DeShazer took second place and will be advancing to regional competitions, while junior Graham Rosen took third place and is an alternate.

The test consisted of 40 multiple choice questions about worldwide current events. The topics ranged from terrorism to local and state government.

“At first the test seemed difficult with the hard questions and challenging essay subject,” Graham DeShazer said. “However I was confident with choices and everything turned out for the best.”

Sophomores Madison Seagraves and Sonny Steinberg also participated in the meet.

“I had prepared all week for the test,” Madison said. “I had watched the news every morning all week and had read several news articles in order to know as much as I could for the competition.”

English teacher Lisa Tafoya is the advisor for the team and is proud of her students’ accomplishments.

“It’s unfortunate that the Grahams weren’t placed higher because their multiple choice scores were the same,” Mrs. Tafoya said. “If they had scored higher on their essays, they could have both gone to regionals.”

Graham DeShazer will be moving on to regional competition while Graham Rosen will be an alternate.

The Pearce team overall is also an alternate for having the second highest overall score behind Highland Park High School.

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