Pearce hosts Winterguard City Championship tournament

By Daniel Doan | Staff Writer


Pearce hosted the Winterguard City Championship tournament on March 21. Over 40 schools competed in the Guard City Championship, which was for novice performers and the outcome of the full season.

“The championship wasn’t for us, it was for the novice class,” guard lieutenant Shelby Williamson said. “We hosted it, and it was stressful, yet entertaining.”

Frisco Independence, Trinity and Queen City high schools won. Frisco Independence won round one with a score of 74.870. Trinity won the second round with a score of 76.670 and Queen City HS won the third round with a score of 74.120.

The winners received gold medals and get to start a classification higher next season.

“It’s a really good experience to host such a big competition with guards from all of North Texas competing,” guard captain Jordan Warford said.

Every year schools that want to host apply and wait while the director of the North Texas Colorguard Association chooses which school will host the championship.

This year Pearce was chosen to host the championship. Since Pearce was chosen, they did most of the coordinating, which means that they had to get the necessary materials, get Pearce students to help and make sure it all ran smoothly.

“I think the NTCA always has a fair and easy to understand tournament,” guard director Dan Suniga said. “Our chance to host the event was not only a good fundraiser but also a way to represent Pearce at it’s finest.”

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