Choir wins sweepstake trophies at UIL

By Daniel Doan | Staff Writer


The Junior Varsity mixed, A Cappella and Bella Voce choir UIL competitions were held on April 8-10 at Mesquite Horn High School. All three groups from Pearce won trophies in the sweepstakes.

“I was certainly very proud of all of our groups from Pearce,” director Michael Lysinger said. “The singers worked hard during rehearsal, and they gave strong performances and were rewarded with sweepstakes.”

There are two parts—stage and sight reading—to each UIL contest. Stage consists of a prepared performance, while sight reading consists of reading music that the singers have never seen before and then singing it the best they can. There were a total of six judges, three for the on-stage performance and three for sight reading. The judges divided their evaluations into three subcategories: tone, technique and musicianship.

“Being on a varsity level choir was challenging, but worth it,” choir member Sami Laner said.

Each group has a varsity level, which is the best of that group. Junior Varsity mixed is where beginners start, and the next year they try out for one of the other choirs. The year after that, they try out for the varsity of that group.

To get into Bella Voce and A Cappella, they have to audition for Mr. Lysinger and Mrs. Laura Taylor. There are no requirements to join J.V. Mixed.

To win a sweepstakes, the group has to get ones in both sight reading and stage performance. This means that for on-stage that they have to sing in tune, blend well together and sing in the proper key. The same is true of sight reading.

Bella Voce, J.V. Mixed, and A Cappella competed on April 8, 9 and 10, respectively. All three got ones in both stage performance and sight reading, winning each of them the sweepstakes.

“It was a hard and stressful year, but it was worth it when we got all ones and sweepstakes,” choir member Rebecca Francis said.

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