New student government format adopted

By Carolyn Perlmutter | News Editor


A new system of student government will replace the Student Council and class officers next year at Pearce. This change is being made in an effort to better represent the student body of Pearce.

“We want a system with voices from all parts of the student body,” principal Philip Bates said.

To achieve this result, teachers were asked to nominate students, and students have been invited to apply.

“We are looking for hard-working, dedicated students who want to make a change and include and represent everybody,” Hospitality Practicum teacher Sarah Dailey said.

The teachers in charge of student government will be Ms. Dailey, Carissa Schwarzlose and Erin Carstens.

“Student government will have more responsibilities than the Student Council and class officers.” Ms. Dailey said. “It is all year and there will be higher expectations.”

Student government will be made up of six freshmen, six sophomores, six juniors and eight seniors. Three eighth graders will be chosen from each junior high based on essays and teacher recommendations to be student government members their freshman year.

“It felt important to have more seniors because of the prom responsibilities,” Ms. Dailey said. “The seniors in student government will also work with the senior sponsor and have more outside commitment.”

Members of student government must enroll in the student government class, which will meet during fourth period.

“Meeting in class every day will empower student government to better represent the students,” Mr. Bates said.

To further increase the number of students who have a voice at Pearce, a “House of Representatives” is also being created.

The House of Representatives will have a representative from each team or organization at Pearce. Once a month these representatives will get together and share their needs with student government.

The administration hopes to build on the success of recent service projects such as the Bukhair Elementary holiday gift project.

“The kids will come up with the ideas, and we will provide support,” Ms. Dailey said.

In order to become part of the student government, students must fill out an application that includes short-answer essay questions and teacher recommendations.

“I think student government will keep everything more organized and connect the upperclassmen with the underclassmen,” junior Izzy Fanucci said. “It will also take the popularity aspect out of the voting process.”

Factors such as student behavior, student attendance, student grades, extracurricular activities, availability to take the student government course and availability to attend the summer retreat workshop will be used to determine the finalists, and interviews and election results will determine which of the finalists will be come student government members.

“The application and teacher recommendations determine if a person is a finalist,” Ms. Dailey said. “The interviews and election will be weighted 50-50.”

Applications were due April 17 and finalists will be announced April 24. Interviews will be held May 8 and May 9 and elections will take place May 15. Students will vote during their history classes after watching videos of each candidate.

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