Best Selling series Chronicles of Nick releases new book: ‘Instinct’

By Daniel Doan | Staff Writer


Instinct came out in stores around the world on March 31, 2015. This is the sixth book in the international bestselling Chronicles of Nick series by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

The book starts a couple of days after Xev rescues Kody from the alternate world. Then four of his generals come together to vote for a new Malachai. This can only happen if four of the six Usumgallu, the Malachai’s generals, come together and vote on it. Before Nick, this has only happened once.

Nick must then pass the tests set by Chronus and Tiamat. Chronus is the leader of the Zeitjager, who are the sentinels of time. Tiamat is powerful goddess long believed dead.

Salvation in one hand, destruction in the other, to one side Nick must once again fall. Now doubting what salvation is, only one thing can save him. His instincts are what can help him keep his humanity or unleash the Ambrose Malachai on an unsuspecting world.

This is a great book, and for fans of the Chronicles of Nick it’s easy to realize why that is. It will keep you hooked the entire way with twists and turns that nobody could have seen coming. You will be thoroughly shocked and entertained the entire time you read it.

This book is by the most shocking of the entire series, but although it’s a close match, not the best of the series. It’s a great book that set up Invison, the seventh book in the Chronicles of Nick very well. But after Illusion there didn’t seem to be a lot of options to take for Instinct.

But for the next book, there are so many options that Mrs. Kenyon can go with. Instinct, the sixth book in the Chronicles of Nick, is a must read.

For us, it’s a story. For Nick, it’s his life. Don’t miss out on how Nick will save his loved ones, allies and the world this time.

Not just a series. A world.

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