UNICEF spreads awareness by hosting Water Walk

By Graham Rosen | Yearbook Liason


The UNICEF Club participated in their first Water Walk awareness event on Sunday, April 19, at the Twin Lakes Pond. The participants carried buckets with water to spread awareness about the struggles of Sub-Saharan Africans who travel miles to get water every day.

“We carried buckets filled with water from the lakes to simulate the daily struggle of those who have to travel distances to carry water,” UNICEF club president Shian Omar said. “We went just over a mile, which is only 20 percent of what the average African has to do every day.”

Around 20 club members and their family members participated in order to show their support. In fact, many complained about how their shoulders hurt by the end of it.

“It’s really something that a lot of people don’t understand,” junior Sarah Taquet said. “Most people don’t think of getting water as something that is difficult, but so many people spend all day getting water just to live. This, along with the average Sub-Saharan African only using five gallons of water a day, helps people realize that so many people struggle to get water every day.”

UNICEF Global Citizenship Fellow Hannah Wright attended the walk to show her support for the club and also brought actual UNICEF water carrying jugs.

“Hannah has been a great resource to us all year long,” Shian said. “At the Water Walk she explained everything that UNICEF does to help people in these situations and was very encouraging of what we do as a club.”

Other students went to the walk to show their support for the club and to learn more about people in other parts of the world.

“The Water Walk was a great opportunity to experience what other people in the world go through every day,” junior John Walker said. “I spilled half of the water I was carrying on me. I doubt that I could survive somewhere that I had to carry every drop of water that I used.”

Sophomore Alex Torres is a member of the club who has experienced walking for water.

“It was amazing hearing someone talk about a real experience of having to travel to get water,” Shian said. “Alex’s village in Mexico had to get all of their water from one well in the center of the town and carry it in buckets to their homes.”

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