Engineering firm accepts first-ever high school intern from Pearce

By Shian Omar | Features Editor


Senior Jordan Eades will be interning at CP&Y engineering firm this summer as an environmental engineer. She will be the first intern without a college degree that they take.

Her role during the summer will help her learn about the profession and gain insight into her potential future career.

“I will be shadowing and assisting engineers and scientists around the office and maybe making a few lunch runs,” Jordan said.

The process of applying for this position proved to be worth the energy expended. She will start the internship from the second week out of school until the week before she leaves for college at University of Louisiana at Lafayette to do a four-year accelerated environmental engineering program.

“A mom of a daughter I coach for volleyball is an environmental engineer and suggested I send my resume to some local engineering firms,” Jordan said. “I had an email correspondence, sent in my resume and had a few interviews over the phone to apply for the internship.”

Jordan is currently taking AP Calculus BC, AP Environmental Science and AP Statistics to help her prepare for a career in engineering.

“With a degree in environmental engineering, Jordan will be using principles of engineering, soil science, biology, and chemistry to develop solutions to environmental problems,” AP Environmental Science teacher Jonathan Denton said. “She will be dealing with real world issues that could range from public health, air pollution controls and fresh water issues.”

The job outlook for environmental engineers is higher than average with a 15 percent increase from 2012 to 2022. However, it is important for a person also to be versatile in order to be successful in a job like this.

“Jordan is driven, hardworking, and has a great personality. I would say a triple threat,” Mr. Denton said. “I have pushed Jordan all year, developing her ability to see both sides of the argument. Jordan has been able to see different views and find ways to relate back to them. Truly, Jordan will be a future leader.”

Jordan is widely recognized as a caring and passionate student by both her teachers and friends.

“Jordan is a really smart and determined person. Her passion will help her achieve anything she sets her mind to,” AP Environmental Science student Maggie Myers said. “The environment is lucky to have such a down-to-earth APES student working to improve it.”

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