Pearce students’ art museum trick goes viral

By Ben Rosenthal | Staff Writer


Visitors to the Dallas Museum of Art are fooled into believing that a pair of sunglasses and a watch, placed there by junior Jack Durham, are part of an art exhibit.

Junior Jack Durham and senior Cole Wright became Internet famous when they tweeted pictures of a pair of sunglasses and a watch that they placed on the floor of the Dallas Museum of Art on April 4. The sunglasses were placed next to a pile of laundry, which was an exhibit of the Dallas Art Museum, and were successful in fooling the museum’s visitors.

“I just thought that if what was housed at the exhibit was art, then so was my pair of glasses and my watch,” Jack said . “What made it funny was the fact that it was just a candid thing.”

Jack and Cole were able to fool about 15 people over the course of about 20 minutes. In the Twitter post, followers can only see a handful of the people who were tricked by the glasses and watch.

Jack and Cole were approached by a reporter from The Dallas Morning News in early April who wrote an article featuring the now Twitter-famous Jack Durham.

“This is actually my fourth interview,” Jack said.

Jack’s tweet went on to have over 33,000 retweets and over 50,000 favorites.

“I think it is funnier that they got so many retweets than the pictures themselves,” sophomore Wyatt Turner said. “It’s cool to think that someone at our school was able to get so viral.”

The number of followers on Jack’s Twitter page (@jackdudeham) also jumped significantly after his post. Jack had to disable the notifications on his phone because he was receiving hundreds of them per hour.

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