Pearce scholarships ease college financial burden

By Michelle Pinilla | Staff Writer


Karla Funes with her Pearce Community Women's League Scholarship letter for being chosen. Photo credit: Michelle Pinilla Pinilla

Pearce students have access to numerous scholarships available from the school during the second semester. Organizations have contributed by offering scholarships solely for Peace students as well as general scholarships to the College and Career Center.

Many students at Pearce struggle to find scholarships that are needed to further their education. This allows the students to have the opportunity to apply to a few more localized offers that give them a better chance of receiving one. Many scholarships like the Student Council Scholarship, the Richardson Central Rotary Scholarship, and the Pearce Community Women’s League Scholarship have already been granted to students.

“Fortunately, when I’ve gotten the word out, we’ve gotten a lot of them turned in. Scholarships are free money,” College and Career Coordinator Kathy Noland said. “You don’t have to repay them, and they can go to your tuition, your books and fees, or anything you want.”

In addition to the counselors’ office, students can find the applications in the AVID room with AVID teacher Lindsey Santarelli. As a teacher who always pushes her students to get scholarships to make the most of their education, she has witnessed what it does to their lives when they win one.

“I have seen firsthand the excitement on their faces when they learn that they have been selected as a scholarship recipient. It doesn’t even matter how big or small the scholarship is,” Mrs. Santarelli said. “It is absolutely amazing how many scholarships are offered solely to Pearce students, and it is so rewarding as a teacher to be able to celebrate with my students when they learn that someone out there believes that they are worthy.”

Looking forward to college after high school, senior AVID student Karla Funes was very excited when she received the news of winning a Pearce Community Women’s League scholarship.

“This scholarship will make a huge impact in my future and also will take some stress off my family and when trying to figure out my financial college needs. I feel blessed that Pearce is giving away this amazing scholarship to the students that are really working hard for it,” Karla said.

For the future of student’s lives, the Pearce staff is doing the best that they can to prepare them for college and even more to get them to apply for many scholarships that will make their lives easier. No scholarships often means no money for them to use to help pay for their education.

“I encourage all of our seniors to check for the scholarships and their deadlines on Naviance. Students need to take the time to apply,” Mrs. Noland said. “It’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it.”

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