Matthew Inch teaches and coaches with a passion

By Jack Ferris | Staff Writer


Matthew Inch is a PreCalculus and Algebra teacher who has taught at Pearce for three years. He also coaches cross country, and running has been a large part of his life.

“I started running when I was in elementary school, but I’m not sure what grade exactly,” Mr. Inch said. “As I got older and finally started to grow, our runs gradually got longer, and I was able to beat my dad. He stopped running with me but always wanted to coach me, so he would take me to the track and give me workouts.”

Mr. Inch has moved a few times throughout his life. A move from Kansas City to Michigan was exciting, yet difficult, because it was his first time there. However, running started to become a real focus.

“Running became my passion,” Mr. Inch said. “My sophomore year, I dropped over a minute and a half from my time but was still on J.V., so I was really determined to make varsity next year.”

After the first meet of the following season, Mr. Inch made the varsity team but had a severe heel injury, ending his cross country season during his junior year.

“I stuck to my physical therapy, got myself healthy and finally, at the last race of the year, the regional meet where we had our shot to qualify for states, I was able to run,” Mr. Inch said. “At the regional meet my senior year, I ran the 10th fastest time in school history. I picked up triathlons where I competed at the national level all four years at Michigan state. To this day I still compete in local and national races, and I love to see what my body can endure.”

Mr. Inch moved from Michigan to Seattle first, lived in Seattle for 15 months, and then moved from Seattle to Dallas. He lived in Dallas for a full year before making the switch to teaching.

“As you can imagine, moving from Michigan to Seattle was a huge move for me,” Mr. Inch said. “I had zero friends or family out there and just made the move for the job. There are a lot of positives I enjoy in both places I have lived, but my heart still wants me to go back to Seattle.”

In addition to being a student athlete at Michigan State, Mr. Inch majored in Industrial Engineering with a minor in Supply Chain Management. He had a job in Seattle with Terex, a large-scale construction machinery manufacturer, and worked on their software implementation team.

“The last project I was on before I left had no scope or real focus, and management was showing a lack of responsibility,” Mr. Inch said. “This ultimately led me to leave the company and fall into teaching. I chose to become a teacher because of some volunteer coaching I was doing out in Seattle. I really enjoyed working with the kids and seeing the positive impact I had on them both athletically and as individuals.”

After his job at Terex, he began looking for teaching jobs in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. After his job search, he ended up at Pearce.

“Toward the middle of the summer in 2013 I had accumulated two offers from local high schools and was ready to pull the trigger on one when I received a call from Principal Vance,” Mr. inch said. “She had me in for an interview the next day. After the interview, I received a call the next morning bright and early from Mrs. Vance offering me the position, and I couldn’t turn it down.”

While Mr. Inch has responsibilities of a track and cross country coach, he doesn’t actually get paid for doing it.

“In all honesty at first I just got into teaching because of coaching, but I am not actually a coach here at Pearce. I just volunteer,” Mr. Inch said. “I am very happy to have made the decision I did, and starting next year I will have the opportunity to officially take over the cross country team.”

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