Summer jobs prove rewarding

By Sam Elliott | Opinion Editor

Teens work at various jobs over the summer to earn money while also gaining job experience. These teens can do many things to earn money, from working retail to being a golf caddie to being a lifeguard at a local pool.

“I loved being a lifeguard over the summer,” junior Denver Baumgartner said. “It’s a pretty easy job that just requires a certification, and you get to have a lot of time off as well as a flexible schedule.”

Being a lifeguard is enjoyed by mostly teens and young adults. The pay is good compared to other retail- and food service-related jobs that pay minimum wage.

Many teenagers can be referees of sports. The job requires only working for a few hours a day and can be entertaining if the referee enjoys that sport.

“I really liked being an umpire for the SVAA because it required a small amount of time and was fairly enjoyable,” senior Jack Headlee said.

Not only can students work typical jobs for a teenager, but they can also gain valuable internship experience in the field of their choosing. Internships can provide students with information about their interests and help them decide if that is something they might like to pursue.

“Although I did not get paid, my time as an intern at UT Southwestern helping compile medical data was very eye opening,” senior Tim Xia said. “I gained not only experience for working a job, but I learned skills that could be helpful in my future career, since I’m interested in a STEM career.”

One of the truly important parts about working is the knowledge gained about how to work. Responsibility and professionalism can be learned through these summer jobs, which will help when students enter the workforce.

Although many students use summer to relax, students who work full time over the summer can save money for the rest of the year. Working and saving money can allow students to be more financially independent from the parents and to begin to make their own decisions.

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